Our womb is a sacred vessel. She is inviting, warm and has the potential to create, heal and shed the past. I will be speaking mostly of the energetic orientation of our wombs, leaving the more physiological aspect for another musing.

In matriarchal societies, women recognized their sacred relationship to their wombs. They honored this space within them through ceremonies, including the celebration of a maidens first moon (menarche). They also had an affinity towards the Moon that was simply second nature. Ceremonies were held under the glimmer of her moonlight. These women had a knowing that transcends our intellectual minds.

Over time and with the rise of a more masculine society, we lost some of these traditions. We no longer spoke of our moontime, our wombs, or held ceremonies that were moonlit. The Sun would now reign and the Moon would carry a negative association to all things scary and violent, including wolves.

Just as we are fed by the energy of father sun, mother moon has energy to feed us. The sun is the masculine, yang, action oriented, heating, movement and big. As to where the moon is feminine, yin, resting, cooling, stillness and subtle. Receiving the energies of the father or the mother alone will cause an imbalance and for centuries we have been closed off to the mother. This denial has led us to neglect our wombs and in effect we have more women suffering from reproductive health related issues than in recorded history. This is also an accumulation of shared suffering by all women that we carry in our wombs.

Our womb has the ability to take in a great deal of energy and she does not discriminate. She is like the alchemist taking energy in, cleansing, then dissolving it. Like the mother, she wants to protect, nurture and provide space for growth. Also, like the mother, she can be forgotten, taken for granted and neglected.

At some point or another, our wombs have been sacrificed, whether for something sacred and beautiful like childbirth or something devastating.

We have lost our way; the way of moontime ceremonies and connecting with the divine feminine. As a result, our wombs have not had the opportunity to regain their strength; on an individual or collective level. Over time, her ability to alchemize and shed the energy that she takes in has weakened, lacking the space to clear out old remanence of wounds taken in.

I offer you these 3 simple ways to reconnect with your womb.

There are plenty of rituals and ceremonies (including Yoni steams) that I can offer you and I urge you do some research on your own. These simple yet profound practices immediately reconnect you with the mother moon and  let your womb know that she is being acknowledged.

1) Find Her | Search for her in the night’s sky, sometimes she’s out during the day. Taking a moment to seek her in the sky and give her a bow of gratitude will shift your energy.

2) Bask | Spend time under her glow and allow yourself to bathe in her light. Whether on an evening walk or on a blanket in the park.

3) Moon Womb Meditation | Set yourself up in a comfy space under the moonlight, close your eyes, still your mind and place you hands on your womb. Envision the moonlight is pouring into the crown of your head, through your heart, and all the way into your hands. Allow this light that is pulsating in your hands to permeate into your womb space. Imagine the light is being soaked up by every inch of your womb and feel it cleanse your space. Sit in this space for as long as you need.Once you sense you are complete, bring your awareness back to the Moon and bow to her in gratitude for her healing light. Make this a monthly ritual, preferably on the Full Moon when she has more light to provide to you.

These subtle shifts in our awareness are invaluable. They bring us back to a place of honoring and remembering this very sacred vessel within us, that is us. Next time you see her in the night’s sky, smile and remember your womb.

In Glittering Moonlight,

Atourina Charles


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