I’m currently in my yearly transition of syncing from new moon to full moon and therefore am experiencing my luteal phase now. Because of this, I don’t have much to give but I thought I’d commit to writing this for both myself and you to read!

Our Menstrual cycle consists of 4 definitive phases:

1) Menstruation: bleeding, moontime, aunt Flo, shedding the uterine lining (lasts 3-6 days)

2) Follicular: thickening of uterine lining, maturation of follicle in your ovaries (lasts 1-14 days)

3) Ovulation: egg is released from its follicle in your ovary (lasts 1-2 days)

4) Luteal: death of the corpus luteum (lasts 12-14 days)

So, what does it feel like when we’re in our Luteal phase and our egg has not been fertilized?

*low energy *moody *emotional *cravings *depressed *loss *unmotivated *overwhelmed *sensitive *misunderstood *insecure *introverted *annoyed*

This morning I woke up after a rough nights sleep (my cat is my baby). It was 30 minutes after my alarm had sound and I was officially late. My plan was to head to the farm and volunteer for 5 hours (yes, on my day off) and enjoy the conversations of the lovely people that I’d meet there. It was 35* outside and we’d be working outdoors packing refrigerated vegetable. I was ready to put myself through this, for a couple of reasons… FIRSTLY, I wanted to feel productive. Secondly, I felt like I NEEDED the social interaction and thirdly, you get a giant box of local, organic produce in exchange.

Needless to say, no matter how fast I moved, in the end, I had missed my opportunity in arriving even on time-ish. I felt like a failure and completely disappointed in myself.

“I should have gotten up earlier!” “Now, I’ve missed my chance to experience the day!” “I can’t follow through!”

I pitied myself for about 20 minutes, then remembered that I work at a yoga studio and have access to free yoga everyday. I decided I’d go to a Hatha class instead.

Herein lies the lesson… 

We spent the majority of the class performing self care exercises. I had such a resistance to the lack of ‘movement’ that was happening, I felt like saying, “when can we get on with this class already?!?” The irony was that this was the class.  She was teaching us how to feel and therefore listen to the feedback our bodies were giving us. That intelligence we all know about but tend to somehow ALWAYS forget. Especially during our Luteal phase. We’re going 100 miles an hour during the month working under deadlines pushing ourselves to check things off of our lists and embody this very Yang energy then BAM! our Luteal phase comes in and says,

“You better slow down sister, otherwise you’re gonna cause some damage!” 

It’s the last thing we want to hear because as modern day humans we perpetually feel ‘behind’ schedule. Who’s F-ing schedule is this anyway?

As if the Divine would hold us to a schedule?? How naive of us, right? 

Being in action mode for the entirety of the month is not productive it is actually disadvantageous. It leaves us without anytime to stand back and reevaluate our lives. Having an opportunity to do this leads us into our next phase (menstrual), when we can ask questions like:

“Am I feeding my passions?” “Am I in alignment with my authentic self?” “What can I let go of to experience more joy in my life?”  

Our cycle works for us not against us. It is an intelligence that we do not need to be in control of, we need only to listen. I was forced to remember that this morning even as my mind resisted.

So find a calendar and start tracking your phases. When you notice you’re in the last week of your Luteal phase approaching your moontime, make an effort(less) to do less and slooooow down. And if you forget to make a conscious effort to slow down (whistles and looks around), you may be forced to.

May the force be within you.


Atourina Charles



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