Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there were sisters. These sisters had grandmothers and their mothers had grandchildren. Once a month, under the dim sky of the new moon these sisters, grandmothers, mothers and daughters would gather in a red tent for three days. In this red tent, wise stories were passed down, feet were massaged, nutritious food was communal, and women were held. Men were forbidden to enter their support was shown by providing food for the duration leaving it at the entrance and letting the women Be.

Although this may sound mythical it was very real.

Before patriarchy, our Moontime was honored, respected and recognized. We had support, herbs, rituals and traditions passed down from mother to daughter, aunt to niece and so on. Fast forward to our present year 2016 and our orientation has shifted a great deal.

Many women were taught to be ashamed of their periods or their mothers neglected to even talk about it leaving a young girl to wonder why she’s suddenly bleeding ‘down there’. It’s still normal to stare at and judge a woman for bleeding through hers pants, skirt, dress, shorts, bathing suit. Even as women, our empathy and compassion can be absent when a sister is on her Moontime and in pain because it’s such a common occurrence ‘get on with it, we all experience this!’ are conditioned ways of thinking.

More and more I have open conversations about our cycles, food and ritual around this time.

Gradually, we’re making this shift back to connecting with our bodies rhythm to the moon. There is so much beauty and insight to be gained whilst menstruating even when the pain is unbearable. Eckhart Tolle speaks about the heightened potential of enlightenment for women during menstruation and the same is believed in the tantric tradition.

This sacred gift allows us to flow with life.

On the next new moon, gather your sisters and create a moon lodge of your own, share stories, herbal remedies, and give each other foot massages. It’s our birth rite to care for one another and create community in this way.

In Tradition,

Atourina Charles


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