Nine days ago my moon came; 5 days early. I’ve been tracking my cycle for years and it fluctuates between 26-28 days, it hadn’t come that early in years. I started taking inventory of everything I had done leading up to it to try and solve the riddle. In the end, it dawned on me during a casual conversation with a friend. It had been the new moon/solar eclipse and that was the day I had started bleeding. Turns out it wasn’t a riddle at all, just an alignment shift, my body was finally back on track with the moon after about 5 months of weaning off track.

Since my plans were off kilter I decided to take a Vinyasa class (challenging yoga) the day before it came. This small decision completed impacted my moon, it was that much more painful and took me down. My body was like, “What were you thinking?”.

It shined a light on the delicate balance of making the right choices before I start bleeding.

Luckily, I was able to work from home and take time to rest. I didn’t get out of bed unless I needed to, every candle was lit and I had incense burning (the good kind)! I asked my husband to make soup and I just took care of me. While not feeling well and bound to my bed, I realized the vital importance of sacred space. When I’m going about my day I don’t necessarily see these things as I’m so used to my space.

I mean mini altars and the ways my home is set up to reflect self care back to me.

Within sacred space there is also an energetic layer to acknowledge. Do I really need to respond to this text, email, twitter comment, phone call? No, I don’t need to. This act of creating a safe place to Be while on my moon is a lovely way to honour my cycle and therefor the Divine Feminine or Shakti that lives through me.

I welcome you to find the sacred in your space, it can be as simple as wrapping yourself in a pink shawl or lighting a candle.

Allow for the loving embrace of your true nature.

So much Love,

Atourina Charles


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