I find that my biggest challenge when I’m on my moon is having to do anything outside of laying in bed and being cared for. That may sound lavish and needy but a lady needs her rest yo!

5 Sinking In Rituals

1) CRYSTALS; if you don’t own any, find your local crystal shop and get the essentials- Clear quartz, Rose Quartz and something that calls to you. Just having these in your space raises the vibration, make sure to soak them in water and sea salt to cleanse after bringing them home.

2) READING; having something yummy to read is essential when on your moon, instead of tuning out in front of your computer or TV, read a story… The Red Tent by Anita Diamant is always a good choice.

3) A CUPPA; the English way to simply say a cup of tea. This may be my favorite ritual. Red raspberry leaf, Dandelion, Nettle Leaf, Tulsi & Chasteberry all support your blood and hormonal functions, great to drink throughout your cycle. I love Traditional Medicinals teas! The warmth of a ‘cuppa’ always seems to alleviate my cramps and give me the support that I’m craving.

4) NAP TIME; our bodies are doing a lot of work while we’re on our moon, this is a time when it is ok to just lay in bed and honor that our bodies are not up for a run, flow class or cycling to work. Grab a body pillow and get your nap on!

5) SUSHI; because why not? I don’t eat seafood but I love sushi, I’ve only ever had the veggie variety so I don’t even know what I’m missing out on and I crave it during this phase. What my body is really asking for is iron rich foods. I can eat 7 thousand seaweed snacks, the Gimme brand is my favorite. I like making a yummy avocado salad and turning them into mini hand rolls.

If we can take time to honor our beautifully bodies even just a tiny bit during this phase, then we are making a huge shift for ourselves. Don’t be fooled, these rituals may seem small but they speak to us on a DNA level. The act of self-care is fundamental for our well-being and when we allow ourselves these tiny practices, we open up a lovely door to healing, gratitude and ultimately magic.

Luna Love to You!


Atourina Charles


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