Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us that we are balanced between Yin & Yang energies. For instance, the force that wakes us up in the morning and gets us going for our day is where we experience the Yang in our day. By the time afternoon rolls around it begins to shift into Yin and from there, the rest of the evening is dominated by Yin. This is true whether you’re female or male. This observation is on a micro level and if we look at the macro level of the cycle we learn that as women we go through the flow of Yin to Yang and back again within our Moon cycles.

Once our menstruation or shedding period is over we segue into our Follicular phase, which is mainly ruled by Yang energy.

This energy deals with our flesh, fluid, and tissue.

While our uterus is growing a thick and rich endometrium lining we find ourselves full of possibility. Perhaps we experience this because our bodies are actually preparing to conceive.

Personally, I know my most inspired conversations and brainstorming sessions are done while in this Yang phase of the cycle. I tend to get very excited about all the infinite possibilities and the prospect of conception rocks my world! What I’ve learned is that if I don’t write everything down and keep the momentum going then I struggle with longing, discontent, and sadness during the Luteal (Yin) phase.

The intention is to bring these ideas into actualization, to birth them if you will. I see it as a spiritual birthing process. We can hold the yearning throughout our cycle whether we’re shedding or pregnant, we can carry this thirst to see our dreams come to fruition to a visceral embodiment. We are able to birth beings as well as marvelous ideas.

Let’s keep our conceptions flowing and most definitely share them with our sisters as the act of collaborating and being witnessed brings us that much closer to our stunning dreams!


Atourina Charles


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