WOMB ALCHEMY is devoted to supporting the Wild and returning to the Wild as women. Some of you may be wondering…

‘should I stop brushing, washing, shaving?’ or ‘do I need to abandon civilization and head for the hills?’

By all means, if you feel called to do any of these things we support you 100% sister! At any rate, we’re not necessarily referring to coming back to a Wild nature from an exterior point of view rather, finding that inner stillness in ourselves that allows us to hear our Truth. The voice that runs deep in our veins and whispers to us when we’ve had enough or when we’re ready to finally make that leap of faith into the unknown. This is what we’re talking about!

I want to tie this orientation into our menstrual cycles.

Q: How do you feel the week leading up to your menstruation? Also known as your luteal phase which lasts about 12-14 days.

Do you experience any of these feelings?

insecure emotions





The fact of the matter is that 30% of women are having this experience during their luteal phase and are under the impression that these symptoms are normal.

“It’s just PMS”

“Oh, you must be PMS’ing”

“Are you going to start soon?”


I dare you to raise your hand if you haven’t heard at least one of these statements if not all of them. I won’t negate the fact that often while we are in the luteal phase we have break through moments regarding our life pursuits, forgotten dreams or projects. I have even heard women chalk these insights up to PMS however, your luteal phase is to thank.

Finding balance in this phase through food is a part of returning to the Wild Feminine. We’re in a place in our evolution where taking our health into your own hands is a revolutionary act and WA is thrilled to inspire women to do so!

Here are 5 shifts to consider practicing while in your luteal phase:

1. Consume: Vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, healthy fats and vitamin A

2. Surrender to and follow the urge to start organizing your life in any way; refreshing your altar, completing business/project outlines, laundry, paying off bills, tying up loose ends

3. Get active during the first week of your luteal phase! Run if you’re feeling it, take a Vinyasa or Flow class, dance and get your body moving!

4. During the second week leading up to menstruation, try Yin Yoga, Restorative or Yoga Nidra class. Be gentle with your body as it prepares to shed.

5. Be extremely cautious of your sugar intake as you want to avoid a spike in sugar levels and also be conservative with caffeine consumption as it disrupts hormone levels.

I believe in you and am here to support you in your journey to empowerment and ultimately your True nature.

In Support,

Atourina Charles


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