The harvest full moon in Autumn always seems to be that much more mystical.

It shines a focused light on issues that we may have been storing by the wayside, really forcing us to feel it all and work through it until there is resolution. Sometimes resolution can be equated with completion and often times completion is painful. Either way, nothing can hide in the shadows of the harvest moon.

At times, my Taurus moon will sway me in a ‘rational’ direction and I’ll lose sight of the Moon’s potency, of her powers to heal us. I’ll feel lost, confused or aimless. However, soon enough I am reminded that as a woman, there is no escaping her influence. She has the potential to be our greatest teacher if we can slow down just enough to listen to her sensual whispers.

Creating space for the Moon in our lives can bring about many changes, including syncing your personal cycle with hers. For many moons, it has been said that women should bleed with the new moon. This also follows bio-dynamic farming practices, plant seeds on the full moon as that is the time when the Earth is most fertile. I always found this tricky as my cycle fluctuates between bleeding on the new moon for one part of the year to bleeding on the full moon for the other part. Recently, I found some enlightening information in regards to the difference between these two patterns.

There are two patterns that women’s cycles can follow, the Red Moon Cycle and the White Moon Cycle. 

The Red Moon cycle falls on the full moon and is the pattern that is alignment with women that are not intending to have children (yet). Their work in the world is in dedication to healing women, its sensual, sexual and is not concerned with populating the next generation. These are our therapists, healers, doulas, herbalists or midwives. They’re contributions are to women’s health and well being.

Women following the pattern of the New Moon or the White Moon cycle are those who desire to bare children. This means that she is ovulating during the Full Moon which aligns her perfectly with the fertility of Mama Earth.

Depending on where we are in our lives, we can bounce back and forth between Red & White or stick to one consistently. The moon has a more in depth understanding of us than we think and it can be valuable for us to pay attention to her. She may pull you to one cycle or another, pay attention and do not resist her calling.

Keeping track of our menstrual cycle is essential and adding the cycle of the moon is even more meaningful. This allows us to dig a bit deeper into our experiences and where we are in our life’s work.

I invite you to track your cycle with the moon for at least 3 months and take notice of what she has to offer.

Here’s to howling under the Full Moon!


Atourina Charles


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