Autumn: Our Luteal Time of Year

Although Spring time is traditional for sweeping out the old to make way for the new, Autumn is also a powerful time to focus on sweeping out the old, shedding what’s no longer serving us and preparing for our long retreat in the coming months.

It holds space for cleaning out and beautying up! What I mean by that is as we release the stagnant objects and energies in our world, we replace the space with beauty and lovely things- both materialistic and emotionally. We allow for the space and time to sit and read, journal, meditate, knit or perhaps work on an art project that has been stirring in us all summer long.

We finally have the permission to slow down and stay in. There’s room to spiral our focus into our dreams, visions, and desires.

As you witness the world around you change color, temperature and begin to smell the difference in the air, remember that you too are changing. Your leaves are turning and waiting to be surrendered. Embrace it. Invite it in. Autumn holds the energy of our Luteal phase and by recognizing that, we honor our Wombs.






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