Seed Cycling {FREE download}

Hello Sweet Moon Sisters,

I am so excited to share this super sweet reminder with you all!

Seed cycling is designed to support your hormones so that you do not become ED or estrogen dominant/low progesterone. This is especially important for every woman, whether you are trying to conceive, balance your hormones, prevent disease, stops PMS and menstrual cramping and the list goes on!

During our Menstruation, Follicular and Ovulation phases consume 1 TBSP each of pumpkin and flax seeds. This does not have to be together and I recommend buying whole flax seeds and grinding them yourself. A really easy way to do this is in a smoothie. You can eat the pumpkin seeds whole by adding them to dishes- while cooking or sprinkling on top of a dish after its cooked. These seeds support our body in regulating and producing estrogen when it’s at it’s lowest.

During our Luteal phase up until we bleed consume 1 TBSP each of sunflower and sesame seeds. Again, these can be added to smoothies or food. I make a sunflower butter that is delicious and you can easily add sesame seeds to that or as a topping. *Sun Butter recipe is in the Womb Alchemy book. These seeds help in the production of progesterone which can be low.

As a sweet reminder for us all, I designed this simple Seed Cycle Chart, please use it!

Click on the chart for your FREE download! 

8×8 High Resolution

Sending you all sweet love!




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