Sacred Blood Mysteries



3 Week Online Class

hosted by: Atourina Charles

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Delve into this sacred and precious essence, woman’s monthly blood. Celebrate the time of the divine feminine awakening and come on a 3 week journey into the power of the womb. Look at the physical and energetic processes of menstruation. Then we take the work deeper and create ceremonies to honor each phase of our female journey; Maiden//Mother//Crone. Finally we will hone practical tools for living in rhythm with our blood.

Week One :: Honoring the Blood 

At a glance: Diving into the history, lore & energetics of our cycle. Sacred Blood Tea ceremony. Our own Blood Mysteries/what is Blood Mysteries. The power of creation and destruction, life & death. Word Medicine; reclaiming the language of our cycles. Heart-Womb meditation. Womb breath work. Yoni art. Returning to the Mother; Ceremony for returning our blood to Mother Earth. 

Week Two :: Blood Rites: Honoring the Flow

At a glance: Menarche (first bleed); Entering the power. Menarche ceremony for a young woman. Menstruation; Practicing the Power: Divine Womb Connection ceremony. Celebrating the Elder; Becoming Your Power. Initiation into Wise Woman.

Week Three :: Living in Rhythm

At a glance: Creating from the cauldron. Tracking your moon cycle. Self care & practical tools for supporting your flow. Coming home to your Self. Creating a lavender comfort pillow, PMS support tincture and a cramp relief massage oil. Supportive food recipes. Yoni steam how to. Soooooo much more I can’t even fit it here!


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