WINTER 2017 Collection

The WOMB ALCHEMY is thrilled to introduce our very first collection. Our collections will be seasonally curated and specific to one phase of your Menstrual Cycle. We will start the year off with the Winter Collection. If you have already read the Womb Alchemy book then you know that our menstruation (or bleeding) phase holds the same energetic properties as the winter season. Each season we will release a new collection that coincides with a phase of your Menstrual Cycle. As the seasons turn, your collection will grow and support you through your entire cycle.

Our Winter 2017 collection is lush and filled with hand crafted Womb Alchemy originals. Each item will be supportive to your menstruation phase and aid in the balance of your hormones while you menstruate. We use high quality, organic ingredients and fair trade whenever available.



Rich Body Butter (Hand Crafted)

Hormone-Safe Deodorant (Hand Crafted)

Kissed Lip Balm (Hand Crafted) 

Herbal Tisanes (Hand Blended)

Superfood Adaptogenic Elixir (Hand Blended)

Chocolate Chai (Hand Blended)

Bath Tea (Hand Blended)


Start your year off right with all natural self care products

designed to bring you into balance. 


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