Womb Alchemy Online Class Outline


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What to expect from the Womb Alchemy online class…

In this brilliant 4 week transformational journey you will experience profound pleasure, a deeper connection to your womb, an understanding of your menstrual cycle, a sense of freedom and healing, and a grounded relationship to your emotional health.

You will experience the clarity of eating nutritious foods in a balanced way for your hormones and tapping into the multifaceted realms of womanhood. You will learn ways of utilizing each phase to enhance all aspects of your life. You will gain tools to easily summon balance and ease. This class will elevate your understanding of your menstrual phases so that you may use this knowledge to support your life’s work.

You will be nourished, empowered, and genuinely centered.


Week 1: MENSTRUATION | Rest, Recover, Reveal

*Hormones {understanding your cycle}

*Elements + Crystals {tapping into your third eye}

*New Moon Energy + Ritual {honoring Kamakhya devi}

*Solace in the Red Tent {deeply nurturing ourselves} 

*Blood Art therapy

*Sacred Silence {setting boundaries}


Week 2: FOLLICULAR | Motion, Manifest, Master

*Hormone Dance {supporting your womb}

*Our Will, Our Power {Embody Athena

*Creating Your Life {more productive, less busy} 

*Waxing Moon Energy + Mantra 

*Get Clear {vision board your dreams}

*Heart Plunge {finding your courage}


Week 3: OVULATION | Pleasure, Potency, Perception

*Hormones {unapologetically taking up space}

*Full Moon Dance Meditation

*Creating from the Second Chakra {art flow therapy}

*Seduce Thyself {your pleasure zone}<—Egyptian musk

*Emerging Life {bringing forth your Soul’s work}

*Calling in Oshun {goddess of love + beauty + sweet waters}


Week 4: LUTEAL | Sanctuary, Support, Sacred

*Hormones {containing the wall}

*Waning Moon {shed + organize}

*Root Chakra Ritual {find your footing + support} -talk about root chakra energies then a bath ritual/prayer

*Your Sacred Space {bringing beauty into your home}- bring crystals into this portion

*Your Body, Your Temple {rose infused oil self massage}

*Morning Mantra to Ganesha {clearing your path + setting anew}